New Ribbon
Vincent John (Training Director)

Former Royal British Army Dog Trainer

· Hong Kong Team Captain, for W.U.S.V.
the 15th World Champion
· The 1stprofessional dog trainer in Hong Kong who release the dog training book<最新訓犬法> in 2002
· The Chairman of HK K-9 Club
· The Judge ofUnited States Dog Agility Association
· The Honorary Advisor of Beijing Dog Agility Association
· Advanced Certificate from Houston Dog Grooming School
· Advanced Certificate from New York Dog Grooming School
Dog Training Video produced by TVB
Dog Agility Training Video produced by Cable TV
Dog Training Program
Course: BoardingTraining
Course: BehaviorCorrection Training
Course: Basic Training (Elementary)
Course: Basic Training(Intermediate)
Course: Basic Training (Advanced)
Course: Dogs AgilityTraining
Course: Professional Dog Trainer (Elementary)
Course: Professional Dog Trainer(Intermediate)
Course: Professional Dog Trainer(Advanced)
Course: Conformation Dog Training